December 08, 2005

Cactus Land - KAKU

This is Cactus Land, which is basically 'the dessert.' But we in KanjiTown refer to it as Cactus Land, so get used to it. Inside of Cactus Land is where the Oasis (Another location) is at.

The MENACING looking CRANE that has traveled from the oasis (It has two apples in it's mouth) lands near to you. It says, "If you can MEMORIZE the following phrase, I will give you something in return." You say, "sure." So he proceeds to say some weird phrase. You repeat the phrase back to him, and he says "Very well. You have memorized my phrase (Like you should when you see things in school). I will now make you GUESTS in my master's TOWER (A pyramid). I ASSURE you that it is better than a tourist-trap-esque rock on top of a turkey cage.

He escorts you to a pyramid with a small hole in it, but when he says mystic words the hole BROADENS when you touch it with your fingers, and you are able to enter.

The pyramid currently has sandmen bringing in the HARVEST of wheat, which is stored in a giant safe. Inside of the safe is a treasure that you feel you must get your hands on. You take one of the husks of wheat that fell from the sandmen's bringing them back and forth. Suddenly the cactus master (Which resembles the cactus enemies seen in the popular Final Fantasy RPGs) sees you, and says "You! Fight me in this ENCLOSED arena (I will receive you into these small city walls), for you must have been very powerful to get inside in the first place." He wears a LEATHER holster that holds his missile launchers. With a HUSK you fight the missile-firing-crowned-samurai-cactus, and defeat him.

The door to the safe opens, and on the top of the safe (inside of it) there sits the BRUSH STROKE kanji. Fighting off sandmen bringing the harvest into the safe, you reach the safe. You climb to the top of the interior of the safe and reach the brush stroke kanji. *STATUS up!* (Each skill tree went up)

The master cactus sees this, and says "SEIZE him! Now!" Sand-dogs now race from the safe after you, but with your new "brush stroke" power, you are able to bring down the sand enemies down just by saying "KAKU!"

The master now uses his most powerful attack: "Cactus monster summon!" I must now ISOLATE the NUCLEUS of all that is in the cactus (Really a tree and acorn). In CONTRAST to the previous monsters, this summoned sand beast is really two-in-one. It's figure sort of mingles with its counterpart. When the two combine, their "skin" becomes more solid.

You use the kaku brush stroke to bring down the beast's left arm, but it grows back shortly thereafter. You decide that you have to run away. You leave the pyramid by broadening the entrance again. While outside you decide to make the tower collapse upon the monster, and this should destroy it. You choose a brick that appears to be at just the right ANGLE, and it causes the entire structure to collapse. Using this kaku-jutsu, you destroy all traces of the pyramid, leaving nothing but a dessert. /end of story


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks for the story. I am myself nearing the end of Remembering the Kanji I and am used to making mini-stories already. In some occasions I used location to get more kanjis to stick together by placing them in space. It helped loads with grain and rice. But I cannot yet see how this cactus land story help with the pronounciation of the kanjis?


1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is me again, Imma. I wonder if this story is made exclusively of on-yomi?

1:20 AM  

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